The Project Teams

Children’s Health Ireland

Children’s Health Ireland will oversee the integration of the three children’s hospitals in advance of the move to the new children’s hospital. Children’s Health Ireland Board is chaired by Professor James Browne and led by the CEO Eilish Hardiman.  Children’s Health Ireland is the client for the new children’s hospital.  It will ensure that the hospital is designed to enable future paediatric services to be delivered as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin

Our Lady's Children's Hospital Crumlin

Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin

Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin is Ireland’s largest paediatric hospital. Our Lady’s mission is to constantly improve the health and wellbeing of children and adolescents in a safe environment which is driven by quality healthcare and supported by excellence in Knowledge, Education and Research. In 2013 the hospital had 33,505 emergency attendances, 17,595 day cases, 9,782 in-patient admissions, 74,168 outpatient attendances and performed 10,276 surgical procedures. Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin (OLCHC) is a teaching hospital and actively supports the development of both employees and students across a wide range of disciplines. The hospital facilitates medical student placements from Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin and the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland and also provides a limited overseas medical elective programme. OLCHC runs an undergraduate degree programme in Children’s and General Nursing in conjunc5ion with UCD, St Vincent’s University Hospital and the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital.

Temple Street, Children’s University Hospital

Temple Street Children's University Hospital

Temple Street Children’s University Hospital

Temple Street, founded in 1872 is an acute paediatric hospital serving some of Ireland’s sickest children and providing a referral and care service on a national basis. Seven major specialities at Temple Street today include neonatal and paediatric surgery, neurology, neurosurgery, nephrology, orthopaedics, ENT and plastic surgery. The Hospital is also the national centre for paediatric ophthalmology, the national craniofacial centre, the national airway management centre, the national meninogococal laboratory, the national centre for inherited metabolic disorders and the national screening centre. Temple Street cares for 145,000 children per year. Over 45,000 of these children attend the Emergency Department every year making it one of the busiest in Europe. A staff of 85 Consultants and over 950 other full time and part time nursing, paramedical and other staff deliver care.

The National Children’s Hospital, Tallaght

The National Children's Hospital Tallaght

The National Children’s Hospital Tallaght

The National Children’s Hospital at Tallaght is comprised of a children’s emergency department, children’s x-ray, children’s outpatient’s department, children’s operating theatre and the following ward areas: 1. Beech Ward: A 16 bedded surgical ward for children aged over 1 year of age requiring management of conditions such as Ear Nose & Throat (ENT), Orthopaedic and General Surgery. 2. Beech Day Ward: a 6-bedded unit, with a pre-assessment area, where children requiring surgery and medical investigations/treatment are managed during the day time. Children and young people attending the Day Ward generally go-home on the same day following their surgery or investigations/treatment. 3. Maple Ward: has 21 cubicles, including 5 parent and child rooms. Children aged 0-1 year requiring management of medical and surgical conditions are generally admitted to Maple Ward. However, children or young people older than 1 year may also be admitted to Maple Ward if their condition requires him/her to be nursed in a single room. 4. Oak Ward: consists of 19 beds and 3 High Dependency Unit (HDU) beds. Oak ward is the children’s medical ward for children older than 12 months of age admitted for management of an acute medical condition such as; respiratory difficulties, asthma, endocrinology, diabetes, neurology, cystic fibrosis and mental health issues. 5. Children and young people of all ages, who are seriously ill, are cared for in the HDU.

St. James’s Adult Hospital

St. James's Hospital logo

St. James’s Hospital logo

St. James’s Hospital provides the campus setting for the new children’s hospital.  The hospital delivers adult health treatment, care and diagnosis as well as health promotion and preventative services at catchment, regional, super regional and national levels.  Its service remits ranges in complexity from secondary to tertiary level.  It is also an academic teaching hospital and is committed to the creation of an environment and teh cirumstances in which education and research in the health science and allied areas is possible and flourishes.  The hospital is increasingly required to operate in an environment of vertical and literal collaboration in the ultimate interest of its patients.  It advocates and pursues the promotion and participation of the hospital in services and academic health networks, both nationally and internationally.



The National Paediatric Hospital Development Board is responsible for overseeing the building of the hospital. The board’s members have the combined experience and expertise in architecture, planning, engineering and procurement to bring this very large and complex project to completion. This team is fully committed to delivering the highest standards for our children and their families.

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Ronald McDonald House Charity

Ronald McDonald House Charity

Ronald McDonald House Charity

The Ronald McDonald House Charity keeps families close when a child is seriously sick in hospital. The Charity supports families when they need to be far from home, family and friends to be with their sick child. The Charity is expert in providing family accommodation for families who have a child who is seriously ill. From the work the Ronald McDonald House Charity has done internationally since 1974 (359 Houses/42 countries) and the work it has done in Ireland since 2004, the Charity has become leaders in understanding what support families need during this testing time. Since 2004 The Ronald McDonald House at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin has provided accommodation, care and support for almost 3,000 families from all over Ireland. The House cost €4.25 million to build and equip. The annual running costs are in excess of €400,000. The Charity receives no state funding and relies on the generous support of families and donors in order to provide this essential service. The Ronald McDonald House at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital provides 20 comfortable ensuite family rooms, home cooked meals, nurture and support to families while their child is seriously ill and staying at hospital.

Ronald McDonald House Charity Family Accommodation Unit

Design Concept of the Ronald McDonald House Charity Family Accommodation Unit

The new Ronald McDonald House at the new children’s hospital will have 53 ensuite bedrooms, kitchens, laundries, playrooms and gardens for the families to use during their stay. There will be a kitchen for every 12 bedrooms so that families can make their own meals and interact with other families who will share this communal space. Support from other families going through this traumatic time is essential as it is extremely helpful for families to share their worries and concerns with others going through the same experience.

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