The new children’s hospital is the most significant capital investment project ever undertaken in healthcare in Ireland.  Its completion will enhance how acute children’s health services are delivered, resulting in improved survival rates for the sickest children and young people.  For the first time, all paediatric specialties will be ‘under one roof’.  Not only will this mean that the sickest children and young people will receive all their treatment in one location, it will be in a world class physical environment making it a much better experience for these children and their families.

Sharing a campus with St. James’s Hospital means that children and young people will have access to the largest and broadest number of consultant specialists in adult services that can support paediatric services including the national adult burns, plastics and reconstructive unit, Ireland leading adult haematology service, a large cancer service, specialist laboratory and diagnostic services and radiation treatment on the campus.  Consultants from these adult services will support the delivery of complex care and treatments to children and young people.  Currently consultants from adult services travel to the three children’s hospitals to support their paediatric colleagues in delivering care in situations where there are not enough children with specific conditions to warrant a paediatric only service.

The importance of the new children’s hospital on the campus shared with St. James’s Hospital in improving the lives of sick children, young people and their families is immeasurable, and your support in making it a reality is greatly appreciated.