St James’s Hospital is Ireland’s largest and leading adult teaching and research-intensive hospital and has the greatest number of clinical specialties and national services.

Examples of current national services on the St James’s Hospital campus include the Irish Blood Transfusion Service Board and Radiation Oncology (Cancer). It is appropriate that the new children’s hospital would be located beside these services because it will be one of the biggest users of blood products in the country and it will also be home to the national paediatric oncology centre.

Current research facilities on the Campus include; The Institute of Molecular Medicine, The Stem Cell Biology Programme, and The Welcome Clinical Trials Unit, which is the largest clinical trials unit in the country. These, together with the development of the proposed Children’s Research and Innovation centre (CRIC) – which will bring together all of the research that is currently being conducted within the three existing Dublin children’s hospitals – will ensure that Ireland is at the cutoting-edge of child and adolescent healthcare and this in turn will enable us to attract and retain the world’s best paediatricians, paediatric- scientists and basic scientists.

The new children’s hospital will play a central role in educating and training doctors, nurses, health and social care professionals who specialise in paediatrics and neonatology. The proposed campus capability for education of clinical undergraduates and postgraduates will be unmatched in the Irish healthcare system and provides an unrivalled opportunity for leading clinical research.

The hospital will be ‘research active’ with the knowledge that today’s child health research is tomorrow’s standard of care.