2Tri-locationThe campus at St. James’s Hospital provides a unique opportunity to foster supportive and collaborative relationships across the 39 clinical specialities in one place together with research and education facilities to provide the best care possible.

Locating on the campus within St. James’s Hospital is about providing the best care for sick children, especially those most vunerable who need access to multiple specialities without moving from hospital to hospital. The policy to design paediatric, adult and maternity services on one campus with research and education facilities represents an unprecedented opportunity to create a world class healthcare campus that supports highly specialist healthcare on the Island.

Tri-location offers a clear opportunity for an efficient approach to sharing services that support clinical care in particular. It is an integral part of the project to pursue synergies from sharing, including the energy centre, FM/materials management, environmental waste management service, central sterile service department, logistics, helipad, medical gas services, water supply services & main public drainage services.

Integrated mobility


NCH-Integrated-MobilityThe campus at St. James’s hospital benefits from a full suite of transport options including private car, national rail, luas, bus, bicycle, pedestrian and taxi.  There are three Dublin bike stations on the campus and all of the amenities of the capital city are within easy reach of the hospital for staff and visitors alike.  All children accessing the children’s hospital for treatment and care will get parking.  The project includes a full mobility plan which is being carried out by ARUP and will propose the best solutions to minimise impact and maximise traffic flow.

In synergy with all the amenities of this great city

Located in a neighbourhood that includes some of the most popular visitor attractions in the country.  The building will offer quality civic space while benefitting from all the amenities that this great city has to offer.  With the city centre and the Phoenix Park on the doorstep, staff, visitors, and patients alike will enjoy easy access in and around the city.  This is an exciting site with added value for hospital users and the project team are committed to making the most of its unique qualities.

Shared neighbourhood

The development of campus at St. James’s Hospital will be sensitive to and positively enhance its local community setting in Dublin 8.  The project team is actively engaging with its neighbours to incorporate ideas in order to create a great shared space.  The project offers a unique opportunity to create an enhanced civic amenity by delivering a hospital that is a positive addition to the community.  The project team are exploring ways that it can contribute to the neighbourhood, (jobs, apprenticeships, work experience, training and local business opportunities) a neighbourhood that is shared by residents, local business, patients, their families and staff at the hospital, as well as leveraging the opportunity to create a healthcare hub surrounding the largest healthcare campus on the island with the greatest depth and breadth of healthcare specialties and sub-specialties.