The new children’s hospital (NCH) project, comprises the main hospital on the shared campus at St James’s and two paediatric Outpatient and Urgent Care Centres CHI at Connolly, Blanchardstown, and CHI at Tallaght.

The National Paediatric Hospital Development Board was appointed in 2013 to design, build and equip the new children’s hospital.  A planning application was lodged in 2015 and An Bord Pleánála granted planning permission in 2016 for the new children’s hospital, and the two paediatric outpatients and urgent care centres at Connolly Hospital in Blanchardstown and a second at Tallaght University Hospital. Children’s Health Ireland (CHI) is the client for the new children’s hospital project. 

The NCH Project will have a significant impact on 25% of the population and is a Government priority, it is the most significant single capital investment project in the healthcare system undertaken in Ireland. It will bring together the services currently provided at three Dublin children’s hospitals into a modern, custom-designed, digital, hospital on the campus shared with St James’ s Hospital, to deliver the best care and treatments for Ireland’s sickest children and young people. 

As well as playing a central role in the provision of acute paediatric healthcare services, the new children’s hospital will be the primary centre for paediatric education, training, and research in Ireland. It will be a child-centred, world-class facility that will support innovation and excellence in paediatric healthcare, and create an environment that is supportive of children, young people, their families, and the hospital’s staff.